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Whether you’re seeking bespoke Matchmaking Services

or to enjoy our exclusive “Mixer Events”,

NV is on hand to give you the one to one attention you deserve!

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You deserve the best!

So we’re a Matchmaking Service, I guess you’ve probably realised that by now however, it doesn’t stop there!
NV understands that the beginning of a partnership is just that, “The Beginning” of something new and exciting…
You deserve the best, the “Real Deal” that one true love
somebody that can be on your team whilst you play the Game we call life.

When that game gets a little boring and those of you who are already in a partnership want to have some fun visit our club!

NV boasts a calendar of events – exclusively for our members you will always have something to look forward to with our,

Allure Membership…


  • Gives you choice
  • You are not limited to one introduction
  • An opportunity to attend an NV private ‘Mixer’ Event
  • Exclusive Private membership
  • Privacy and confidentiality




NV Classic
Executive “V”
Platinum “Edge”


Our Allure Membership is ideal for couples seeking to enjoy our bespoke events.
Tailored to suit a variety of tastes.


NV Classic

Our NV Classic Membership is ideal for busy professionals and retired individuals who want to experience the benefits of our classic Bespoke Matchmaking Services.


Work Hard Play Harder


Executive ‘V’

Executive ‘V’ Membership is suitable for those who have a professional role and busy lifestyle.
Executive privileges are inclusive, this much sought after upscale Executive Membership is tailored to meet your requirements.


Platinum Edge

Our Platinum Edge is designed for those who want to enjoy additional benefits of a more refined premium service.

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We are on hand to provide a confidential premium service for clients with a High profile presence with our Platinum Edge Membership.

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