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You must be over 21 years of age to apply to join NV.

We offer a Bespoke service and our fees reflect our unique service delivery.
Fees are available upon written request.

NV carefully screens potential matches prior to offering you an initial introduction.
We consider all of your requirements in order to match you appropriately.
You are not limited to one introduction, however these are dependent upon which type of membership you decide to pursue.
You can apply to join NV our services are bespoke which gives you choice.
We do not consider ourselves a dating agency.
We pride ourselves on our integrity and never disclose your details to a third party without your consent. Your details are confidential at all times.
Women seeking to find a suitable match are charged a fee for our services. Alternatively women can apply to join our exclusive associate registry without charge to have the opportunity to be matched with a member. Associates do not have NV membership status and becoming an associate does not guarantee you will be paired with a member. Although associates are considered by our members and maybe matched as a result of being compatible with a member.
NV is aimed at professionals and those who are retired from professional careers, alongside offering services to those who have a high profile career.
We encourage those eligible to re -apply at a later date no earlier than eight weeks after your first application you will be advised if this occurs.
Providing they are eligible.
Your consultant will discuss your individual benefits relating to your chosen membership.
Our aim is to amaze you! with our unique customer service, if we do not live up to this we promise we will find a way to make sure you are satisfied.
YOU’ matter to us! We respect and value your loyalty.
never stands in the crowd we are unique and work with everyone on an individual basis.
We set a standard by paying special attention to all our clients and their needs – those needs can be diverse and specific and require attention to detail.

We have a genuine interest in all our clients alike.
Our endeavour is to assist you to find ‘Someone Special
We create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and are treated with dignity and respect.

We will go that extra mile to give you what you deserve.
You could be someone who has everything except that special someone to share your life with – let us take you on a journey of love laughter and happiness.
NV charge consultation fees because we believe that everyone’s time is valuable… especially yours.
We treat our consultations like making a reservation for a first-class airline ticket.
You can’t reserve your seat without paying the fee, but once it’s confirmed, your ‘seat’ is guaranteed.
Our consultation fee allows us to reserve your time exclusively for you, and for us to keep waiting times to a few minutes or less for over 98% of our visits.
You’ll always have a welcoming atmosphere, plenty of time with us, and a seamless, efficient experience from start to finish.
A guarantee that we will be available for you at the time you request.
Our fees pay for the resources necessary to make your visit as seamless and pleasant as possible with little to no waiting.
a full hour of time.
We understand that your time is just as valuable as ours, so when you reserve the appointment you can be confident that you’ll be seen on time, and that you’ll have our undivided attention during your visit.
Fortunately, you have a choice in this matter, since some companies do not charge for their time.
Perhaps you will only have a short time with your consultant or be expected to have a group appointment.
you may end up leaving with the feeling that even though your consultation was free, you just wasted 3-4 hours of your day – This scenario is unacceptable at NV we feel that the overall experience is better, if we have the resources and the time set aside for you, and only you, in exchange for a nominal consultation fee.
The consultation fee can be applied towards the cost of your NV membership.
To make things easy for you – online payment facilities are available.
You can also choose to pay via bank transfer – this is an alternative method of payment from one bank account to another.
You will receive a receipt confirming your payment.
Consultation fees are non-refundable; however, you can re-schedule your appointment if needed.
Due to high demand for appointments any changes are limited to twice only.

We kindly ask that you give us 48 hours’ notice if you need to re-schedule your appointment.
Yes, you can bring a friend if they also require a consultation.
Please let us know if you need to book a consultation for two people.