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  Thank you for dropping by… So you’re smart, successful, driven and play to win? However, despite going on various dates, hook ups and the ‘like’…you’ve not found that special someone you want to share your life with and give her a title beyond ‘friend’. When was the last time you really got to know someone – before getting up close and personal?  

It’s time to make a new plan…


We tailor our services to meet your requirements


What’s the deal?

  We only introduce you to someone who maybe a potential match. You may think if you lock hearts with someone perhaps, something better is going to come along. The deal is finding you, someone to love or finding yourself alone…
  • 1oo% confidential
  • Bespoke
  • Offline
  • Friendly
  • Enjoyable
  • Exciting

How soon do you want to meet her?


Beautiful Woman


Men can apply for our exclusive membership to be matched with a suitable candidate of your choice.

This is a fee based service.

As we offer a bespoke service this puts ‘YOU’ in the driving seat - Your NV personal consultant will give you excellent advice thus enabling you to make an informed decision - as to whom you are most compatible with.

In addition discuss which of our memberships is right for you.

Once your application is approved you will be able to enjoy! your exclusive ‘NV’ membership privileges.
Rest assured our process is discreet and confidential.

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Consultations are arranged by appointment only once we receive ‘YOUR’ application of interest.

This allows ‘YOU’ to gain more information regarding our memberships and bespoke services.

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